The Voodoo That You Do

Like any Red Sox fan, I am a bit superstitious. So after watching Monday night’s debacle, I decided to pull out all the stops for last night’s game.

I wore my lucky Red Sox t-shirt as seen in my profile photo to the right. ====>

I wore my lucky Red Sox hat which is not actually a Red Sox hat. It is an Old Navy hat that says “Boston 61” on it. I like it because it says Boston and no — I was not born in 1961. Close but not 1961. I started wearing this hat during every game of the 2004 ALCS. ‘Nuf said.

Then I got REALLY creative…

IMG_1141.JPGI turned on the lights of my mini Fenway model which sits on a bookcase in my home office. It was a going away gift from my former co-workers in Florida. A great gift for any Red Sox fan, I might add.

samsum1-jpg.jpgI bought a six pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale to enjoy during the game, and I don’t even drink Sam Adams! The things we do in the name of sports superstitions…

With all these totems in place, I turned on MLB Extra Innings to watch the game. I dreaded watching it on the YES Network again tonight but lo and behold! The game was broadcast on NESN and in HD no less. Woo!

jerry_and_don.jpgI must confess I watched five innings. That’s it. Five lousy, stinkin’ innings. My stomach was churning. I couldn’t even drink one Sam Adams. When I saw Mark Texeira get a hit, I had to turn it off.

I lost my faith in the Red Sox. There — I said it.

faith cartoon.gif

P.S. Dear God — letting the Red Sox win more often is also very helpful!

When I checked MLB At Bat on my iPhone this morning and saw that we had won — I was ecstatic but also ashamed of myself. How could I name my blog Red Sox Faithful and then turn it off in the fifth inning against the Yankees?

Maybe turning it off was just the voodoo I needed to do. Maybe I will never be able to watch another game all season. Is that possible? NO!

Forgive me, Red Sox for I have sinned. I will not lose the faith ever again this season.

Some random thoughts:

Josh Beckett

I haven’t posted since the last time Josh Beckett pitched which was also against the Yankees. I think it’s pretty obvious he has physical issues. I don’t think this is anything new. I think it’s time to put him on the DL and move Wake back into the starting rotation.

Jonathan Papelbon

I am not sure what is going on with Jonathan Papelbon. He barely escaped last night’s ninth inning. Is he tired? Over-rated? I would like to think that he just needs a little rest and some kind of adjustment with his delivery. Let’s HOPE.

Big Papi!

Ever since I wrote my post about Big Papi being like Old Yeller, the man has started hitting. He has hit .421 since May 5. Again — I must confess I lost my faith in David Ortiz. Luckily, he has been proving me wrong ever since. AMAZING!

Mike Lowell

I really like Mike Lowell and hate to see him displaced this season. But what can we do? Big Papi is hitting again. Mike even said it himself — he feels like he’s taking up roster space when the team could really use another able body to contribute. What a shame. I would love to see Mikey stay with the team in some coaching capacity — maybe first base or third base coach. He is a natural born leader. I could see him managing a team someday. You never know.

Keeping the Faith (really!).


  1. Elizabeth D

    Oh Jen, I don’t blame you! At times it seems hopeless, but I guess we just have to grimace and try and get through it. Even if it’s the bottom of the ninth and we’re still down! I like your good luck charms. Mine are my hebrew Red Sox shirt, my foam finger, my Ellsbury bobblehead, and all of my autographed baseballs. It used to be my Manny statue, but I’m sure you understand why I threw it outside and kicked it multiple times. Wakefield will be back in the starting rotation, but I think it’s reasonable to give Michael Bowden a shot at one point too. My math teacher (a Yankees fan) thinks that Papelbon shouldn’t face the Yankees. And Mike Lowell’s words were absolutely heartbreaking!

  2. thomasox

    Just wanted you to know that I put a link for you on my blog. Hope that’s ok with you.
    GO SOX!

  3. Matt Martin

    I stumbled across the picture of your fabulous Fenway Park replica and wondered if you know who manufactured it. I’ve seen many different models on the web, but no to rival the quality of the one you own. I gotta have one. Thanks.

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