What a way to lose…

After a great extra innings win the night before, I really thought the Red Sox would pull this one out last night. It was not meant to be. And to lose the way we did… two stolen bases and a catcher who seems unable to gun down anyone… it was a heartbreaker.

For those of you who watched the broadcast on NESN, I would be curious to know if they showed Jon Lester’s meltdown in the dugout after the first inning. We watched the game on MLB Extra Innings and had to endure the Toronto broadcast. They were more than happy to show Lester’s temper tantrum. Oh boy. Good times.

The good news is our guys are hitting. Adrian Gonzalez is amazing. Carl Crawford’s bat is getting hot, Big Papi is hitting like the Papi of days gone by, Jacoby Ellsbury has a 19 game hitting streak… This is all good news for us. It is just a matter of time before Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis find their swings.

I was hoping we would hit .500 by our 40th game (and one quarter of the season is done). I am not sure that is going to happen. But I do believe we are trending in the right direction.

I am predicting a trade at mid-season for a catcher who can hit… We’ll see what transpires.

Keeping the faith…



  1. dewey7290

    Lester’s temper tantrum was nothing compared to my own screaming at the television. He struck out the first batter of the game who eventually came around to score. While he simply can’t lose his composure like that, the game was decided by one-run. As we delve further into replay on “game impacting plays,” so long as things like balks, check swings and balls and strikes have no review, the game will continue to be in the hands of human beings committing mistakes that can’t be corrected. At this point I’m in favor of flags as in the NFL: want to dispute a balk, throw a flag; think that the outfielder trapped the ball, throw a flag. Two flags a game that you can throw a game and you retain it if you’re right. While Adrian put on a show, Youkilis and Ortiz were too eager to hit one out themselves following his 2nd HR. The extra-inning record and the record in close games is lousy so far and lots of that has to do with team approach and management.

  2. Jennifer

    Hi, Dewey… Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I missed the beginning of the game so I missed the first batter and the bad umpiring. It seems like there are more errors in umpiring in every game I watch. I wonder if it is because we have better technology now with slo-mo, strike zone analysis, etc. that it is more apparent than in previous years. I would be in favor of the two flag idea you mentioned on one condition – we put some kind of time limit on pitchers and batters.

    I am just getting tired of losing these one run games and wake up the next morning to see the NYYs have pulled out another win on a grand slam or some extra inning HR by A-Rod.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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